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Shutter Up Your Place’s mission is to enhance your windows with beautifully designed and fitted Bespoke Plantation Shutters  

An independent Shutter company with a focus on excellence in everything they do, delivering high quality Shutter products, design, and installation throughout Yorkshire.  

Shutter up Your Place take time to visualise and recommend the optimum Shutter plan for your home. Their commitment to our customer experience runs through every part of the process from the initial visit right through to the careful attention they pay at fitting stage.  

Shutter Up Your Place was established by Chris Walker whose background in engineering has given him an eye for precision, accuracy and high standards of workmanship. 

Chris literally stumbled upon the concept of Plantation Shutters when out shopping for new blinds. He loved the product on first sight and saw how a simple yet hugely aesthetic product could transform a room from ordinary to amazing! He started fitting for a shutter company and was especially keen on ensuring the accuracy and correctness of each installation. However, within six months he became frustrated by being rushed to complete jobs. He wanted to take the correct amount of time to ensure customer satisfaction and guard against the potential for call backs. 

He was scoring highly on customer satisfaction ratings but felt that his detailed work ethic was constantly being compromised. He knew that he could offer a significantly better service due to his passion for what he does and his desire to see his customer’s response to his work. 

This was the simple inspiration behind Shutter Up Your Place. 

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