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Fruits on wheels

Fruitcase is a range of designer suitcases that builds on nature’s own design by displaying fruits inside and out as they appear in nature with the aim of bringing fun and colour to travellers around the globe.

Designed in Denmark and the UK, the first collection features six gorgeous fruits which will be introduced in pairs, the first two being the orange and the watermelon.

Durable sustainability

In addition to being recyclable, Fruitcase has teamed up with the forestry organisation, Better Globe. For every Fruitcase sold, Fruitcase plants a tree in one of Better Globe’s plantations. The tree belongs to the customer.

When the tree is sold for timber or its fruits are sold, some of the money goes towards sustainable projects in Africa and some back to the customer in the form of a cash dividend, which in time covers the cost of the case.

Light, extra strong, eye-catching, and distinctive on the carousel, the Fruitcase comes with a 5 year warranty. It is also easy to clean, as it has no fixed fabric on the inside.

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