About Us

She Loves York began over nine years ago, a few years after our Founder Tricia Sherriff moved to the area. Tricia has had a love affair with York ever since she first visited the city as a teenager and back then she would envy those lucky enough to call such a fabulous place their home.  When it came to choosing where in the world to put down her roots there was no question where it would be!

The love affair blossomed and bloomed for many years and now that love has been shared with Co-owner Hayley McAllister. Hayley joined originally as a Partner with an interior design company and quickly became to enjoy the merits of being part of She Loves York. So much so was always recommending it to friends and colleagues, which led to Tricia inviting her to work alongside her before she became Co-owner.

Their wish is that She Loves York highlights many delights for members and they too enjoy the benefits as much as they do, and they plan to spread their wings further beyond York in the near future!

If you would like more information, please contact us below:-

She Loves York,
Bishopgate House,
1 Bishopgate Street,
York, Y023 1WH

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